Educational School Field Trips & Group Tours

Learning Is Always FUN at Donnell Century Farm Adventure

Teachers, book your field trips now at Donnell Century Farm. Students experience a unique plant and soil science adventure around our restored mule barn built around 1920.

Field Trips are planned by a certified teacher. Our program is designed for Pre-K – 5th grades and are aligned with Common Core Standards.

Students rotate through learning and play stations in our outdoor classroom.


Tuesdays – Fridays by Appointment

  • October
  • April 15 – Until schools are out for summer break
  • Tours: 9:00 am – 1 pm Length: Two hours learning plus lunch and play stations


Phone: 731-424-4526 or 731-695-2523

Before You Come

Number Attending: Email the day before arrival with a final number of classes, teachers, students and adults attending.

Prepare students to respectfully participate in the hands-on program and make comments or ask questions when appropriate. Remind them to raise their hand to ask questions.

Country Market: Let us know if your students want to buy items. We will send you an order form and directions so it will be easy for you. (T-Shirts, novelties and small toys)

Dress: Remind students to dress appropriately for the weather. Wear enclosed toe shoes only. Be prepared for rain. Bring a hooded jacket and leave on the bus if not needed.

Farm Safety Policy: Please review our safety rules the day before your field trip. RULES William make this a button

Name tags are optional but helpful. They help us personalize your students learning experience.

Lunches: We have a Picnic Pavilion for you to enjoy eating at the farm

Water: You may want to bring water for days when the temperature is high.

Arrival Down on the Farm

Buses make sure all drivers have complete directions and map as well as our phone number (mobile 731.695.2523).

Signs mark our turn around and parking areas.

Running Behind Schedule:

  • Contact our farm to let us know. 731-695-2523
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to our tour for Check-in and Welcome
  • Students remain on the bus until they have put on wristbands.
  • Have one teacher designated to pay fees, pick up receipt and wristbands. Free admission for 1 teacher per class. Bus drivers and nurses are free also.

Have students lineup behind teachers. Each class will be led by a Farm Hand guide. Let them know when you are ready to take a class photo. Your guide will let you know when it is time for your group to eat lunch

Rotating Learning Stations:

  • Farm Hands in Mini-Barns
  • Milk a wooden cow
  • Gather an egg
  • Pick an apple
  • Sell at Farmers Market
  • Feed Farm Animals
  • Germ City: Learn proper hand washing with florescent lotion
  • Fun Learning Activity
  • Possum Holler Playground
  • Hay Ride
  • Picnic Pavillon
  • Clean Portable Toilets are located near Tractor Tires. Allow a few students at a time to use the toilet.

When You Return

Please have your students illustrate and write about their field trip experience, what they enjoyed, what they saw, heard or touched. We would love for you to post them on our Facebook page. All the illustrations we have received are cherished.

If you purchased pumpkins:

  • Estimate the circumference with yarn
  • Estimate which 3 or 4 will be heaviest
  • Weigh on scale and compare
  • Count ribs on pumpkins. Are there more on largest?
  • Do pumpkins float of sink?
  • Test it again after you carve it
  • What happens to a candle lit inside before carving.
  • Why?
  • Estimate number of seeds. Count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s

Testimonials: We appreciate testimonials from teachers and students. We would like to include some of them on our website or Facebook.

Suggestions: We welcome your input. Tell us what you liked and did not like. Also let us know if there are objectives, terms, and concepts we can include on our tours.

Fall Field Trip Tours

Each year we work to create interactive adventures that make learning fun while meeting Common Core Standards. Our mission is to provide memorable and exciting learning experiences.

Celebrate fall at DONNELL CENTURY FARM with Spookley the Square Pumpkin

We are very excited to announce Donnell Century Farm Adventure has been selected to be the exclusive regional site to host the nationally recognized "Spookley the Square Pumpkin" program with the National Bullying Prevention October 2012 Campaign.

This adventure offers a great lesson with a message about accepting and appreciating the differences in all of us. Spookley will be the NEW feature for our weekday school field trips.

We invite you to plant a seed of learning by bringing your classroom to DONNELL CENTURY FARM where students can:

  • Learn Spookley's story as they walk through the Spookley Corn Maze
  • Take classroom pictures with an Air-inflated Spookley the "Official Spokes-Pumpkin" for the October National Bullying Prevention Month.
  • Feed and learn about barnyard animal friends, visit the Goat Ramp, Chicken House, Donkeys, Pony, Sheep, Rabbits, Turkeys.
  • Learn proper hand washing with florescent lotion and a fun song.
  • Hayride to the pumpkin patch and learn about pollination
  • Explore a hay maze.
  • Slide down huge slides.
  • Race rubber ducks.
  • Climb on tractor tires and hay bales.
  • Roll in Rat Rollers.
  • More hands-on activities

Don’t forget to bring your lunches. We have a Picnic Pavilion just waiting for you to enjoy eating at the farm.

Teachers plan your fall field trip now!

Tip: the weather is usually best early October.

Available dates are Tuesdays thru Friday beginning October 1st thru October 31st


Admission - $6 per student or sibling.

Reserve small pumpkins for each student - $1 per pumpkin

One Teacher per class is admitted FREE. Bus drivers and school nurses admitted FREE.

Parents and siblings are required to pay admission.

NOTE: Teachers must pre-collect from parents for parents to receive discounted school admission. Teachers that do not pre-collect from parents will need to notify parents that they will be required to pay full admission price of $7 per person upon arrival.

*Tax exempt organizations must provide proof of exempt status or sales tax will be added.

When you schedule your field trip you will be given a password to find links to lesson plans & activity sheets that can be aligned with common core objectives.

NOTE: Modifications can be made to both field trips to accommodate special needs or additional grade levels.

Spring Field Trip Tours

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